current projects

Before We Wake - a surreal fantasy adventure novel about life, death, and frogs.
STAGE: Editor's Drafts

Finnegan's Code - a sci fi "romysture" (romantic, mystery, adventure). Can't give out any more details than that right now. Sorry.
STAGE: Outline / Scribble Draft

Clarity (working title) - a middle grade adventure fantasy novel
STAGE: Bits & Pieces

Grace's Writing Stages:
  • In Development - Nothing exists yet except for scribbles and dreams
  • Bits & Pieces - I might have a chapter or some paragraphs sitting in a drawer somewhere
  • Outline (aka: Novel-in-a-Box) - I'm planning the plot on notecards... which I keep in a box
  • Scribble Draft - My first raw scribbles of the story. More than an outline, less than a 1st draft. Nobody sees this.
  • 1st Draft (aka: Rough Draft) - Locking in the story's plot and scene order. Still needs polish.
  • 2nd Draft - Correcting the style and form. Making words pretty.
  • 3rd Draft - Adding finishing touches, correcting grammar errors and/or plot holes, almost done
  • Editor's Drafts (aka: the 4th-? Drafts) - Additional drafts incorporating notes from editors and/or agents
  • Final Draft (aka: The Book) - The only final draft is a book on the shelf, or that is currently being printed